is a nonpartisan alliance of American citizens seeking the release of the original documents about Barack Obama in Hawai’i and during his college and law school years.

Because Hawai’i officials have prevented and frustrated legitimate research into historical records concerning the 44th president, we are now imposing a quarantine on the Hawai’i economy.

The American people deserve access to Obama’s original historical material, including the 1961 typewritten original birth certificate and his school records.

We also deserve access to the college records at Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Why is Obama hiding these materials? They are now the raw material of American history.

Hawai’i officials have imposed an iron curtain of secrecy and silence over Obama’s records.

This is a disgrace. They have misused laws intended to protect private citizens to manipulate and control and deny access to the historical records of the world’s most public citizen.

We are sending the People of Hawai’i a message: as long as Hawai’i officials produce no documents there will be no Hawai’i tourism, no purchases of Hawai’i products and no patronage of Hawai’i businesses by the American people. In addition, we are asking everyone, everywhere to make this an international boycott and quarantine of the Hawai’i economy.

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