The International Boycott of Hawai’i:

Barack Obama is serving as the forty-fourth President of the United States.

Hawai’i state officials and school officials control access to the original copies of vital historic records about Obama, including access to his original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate and Punahou School records.

Separately, Obama is also concealing his college and law school records from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

Regrettably, Hawai’i officials have acted more like stooges of a banana republic than custodians of vital records and historical documents involving the birthplace of a president. A Hawai’i court slammed the door shut on a lawsuit seeking legitimate access to these original materials. The Hawai’i Department of Health confirmed an original birth certificate exists, and then refused to disclose the document, in a blatant act of pre-election legerdemain.

Hawai’i officials have unlawfully relied on privacy laws to conceal and control access to Obama’s records. Privacy laws were intended to protect the privacy of ordinary citizens. These laws were never intended to restrict access to original historical records of an American president.

Obama himself has created more controversy by releasing a “copy” of his birth certificate that is not a “copy” at all, but merely a laser-printed extract from some other form of public record. Mainstream media have blatantly disseminated disinformation about the nature of the “original” 1961 document and falsely claimed that the laser copy is a “copy” of the 1961 typewritten instrument.

Hawaii government officials and school officials should respect American history, and respect the right of every American to the complete truth about their president. They have failed to do so. In response to Hawai’i's intransigence, we propose that every American boycott Hawai’i tourism, Hawai’i products and Hawai’i businesses unless and until Hawai’ians make these historic records available.

Economic pressure may alert Hawai’ians to the historic injustice that they are inflicting on the nation of which they are a part.

Over fifty years after becoming one of our fifty states, Hawai’i officials act as though they have no responsibility to citizens of the other forty-nine states and can conceal the original documentation of the first American president born in Hawai’i. We think Hawai’ians are wrong.

Please join us in boycotting Hawai’i tourism, Hawai’i products and Hawai’ian businesses until Obama’s historical records and files are made available.

Once Hawai’ians are hit in the pocketbook, maybe then they will understand why people feel strongly about the right of every American to know the truth and have unrestricted access to the original documents about the origins of their 44th president.

The time has come to quarantine the Hawai’i economy. Send the State of Hawai’i a strong message: Stop stonewalling; release Obama’s records. Now.


Andy Martin
Executive Director

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